Mystery Science Not March Madness: Mike Edition (Season 06, Round THREE)

Movin’ on down the way… (and yes, there will be a second chance for one of these movies as we move on to the next round, to keep things even…)

  • Samson vs. the Vampire Women
  • The Creeping Terror

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  • San Francisco International
  • Danger!! Death Ray

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  • Zombie Nightmare
  • Kitten With A Whip

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In the lead: The Creeping Terror, Zombie Nightmare, and Danger!! Death Ray and San Francisco International are tied, so they’d both make it to the semifinals if it was decided now.

Dun dun dunnnnnn





“Danger!! Death Ray” vs “San Francisco International” is a really tough choice! The oh-so-70s Made-For-TV cheese that is SFI gave it the edge.

My Job, My Way.


Why is ‘Kitten With a Whip’ not in first place, I ask you?


Danger!! Death Ray vs. San Francisco International is a really difficult choice, but I think Death Ray wins by a hair.

“It’s like Andre the Giant and Michael Caine had a baby,” plus the dah-da-da-duh theme song, plus someone named Bart Fargo. How does life get any better than that?

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  1. The Creeping Terror vs. Samson Vs. the Vampire Women

This one’s close. The Creeping Terror gets considerable mileage out of all the sheer ineptitude on display, what with that terrible monster design, the weird music, and the issues with the sound/narrator.

But I gotta give this to Samson Vs. the Vampire Women for not only doing such a brilliant job in sending up all the Mexican wrestling, odd party happenings, and silly characters, but also for the poignant host segments pertaining to TV’s Frank’s departure.

  1. Danger!! Death Ray vs. San Francisco International

Both of these are tremendously underrated episodes. I remember being surprised and elated to see Danger!! Death Ray end up in one of the latter-day Turkey Day marathons.

While I love the made-for-TV mishaps of San Francisco International, I’m choosing Danger!! Death Ray for the sheer fun of all its targets: the relentlessly bland hero Bart Fargo, the goofy ill-fitting soundtrack, and the wealth of spy movie tropes.

  1. Zombie Nightmare vs. Kitten with a Whip

Although it’s fun to see just how far Mike and the Bots go in mocking the all-encompassing stupidity of the John Forsythe character in Kitten with a Whip as Ann-Margret’s Jody sends his life spiraling into chaos, Zombie Nightmare wins this contest for excelling on every possible riff opportunity. When you have that kind of top-level riffing outside of the scenes featuring Adam West, you know you have gold.