1008. Final Justice (1985)

And the third of 15 consecutive Academy Award losses for Randy Newman!

Seriously, I love Maurice Jarre but if I asked anyone to hum (or recognize me humming) the theme from Passage To India, I’m thinking my hit rate would be a lot lower than the one from The Natural.

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Oh he comes off MUCH worse in the full, unedited version (which is available on TUBI). Not just slimy but also brutal and genuinely despicable.


Cool Hand Luke, Junior Bonner, Charley Varrick, The Outfit, Walking Tall… There’s quite a few!


Right after Final Justice our buddy Joe Don costarred in the amazing BBC miniseries Edge of Darkness, the story of a conspiracy surrounding the UK’s nuclear industry. JDB played a renegade American general who helps the main character, and he is genuinely outstanding in the role! He even received a BAFTA nomination (the British equivalent of the Oscar) for his work here but was beat out by his costar Bob Peck (eight years before he played “Clever girl” Muldoon in Jurassic Park). I cannot recommend this awesome miniseries highly enough. My other favorite JDB movies besides this are Cool Hand Luke, Junior Bonner, The Outfit, Charley Varrick, The Living Daylights, and GoldenEye.