424. Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966)

Apparently, the bottom two are a tie between films called “Daniel the Wizard” and “Smolensk.” At 1.2, they rate lower than a Kirk Cameron Christmas movie, which is pretty impressive. Now I kind of want to see them.

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Wow. Re Daniel the Wizard from IMDB’s Trivia:

According to a newspaper report, one theater showed the movie as a sneak preview. When the audience realized what they were about to see, they forced the theater to show a different film.

And the star himself calls it the worst movie ever made.

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I will never not delight that Joel mentioned The Master’s similarity to smooth jazz crooner Michael Franks.

Every now and again you get a reference that’s really obscure and feels like it’s almost made for you.


Manos was the FIRST full episode of MST3K I watched; I watched it on Comedy Central after moving back to New York City in 1995. (I lived in rural North Carolina during the first half of the 1990s but our cable provider didn’t offer Comedy Central.)

It was indeed one of the best episodes, if not the best in the whole series. Manos hands down is probably the WORST movie ever made!


I disagree with people who say it’s one of the worst movies ever made simply because there are other movies made by people who should be competent filmmakers which are utter trash. Manos was made by amateurs and it has to be viewed in that context. You can’t compare it to any studio film. At best you can compare it to student films, so in the MST3K oeuvre, you could look at The Final Sacrifice as a comparison and I’d say, while it ranks below that, there is probably so much worse out there.

Heaven’s Gate. Now that’s one of the worst movies ever made.


I believe its, “My my my… What do we have here?”