514. Teen-Age Strangler (1964)

Yes but it has that small town feel to it.


I would like to submit Froggy (Eddie Deezen) from Laserblast:

You really can’t get much nerdier than Eddie Deezen.


Okay, uncle! You win! Deezen wins! By a knockout!:sweat_smile:


No way. Mikey chews up both Tommy and Eddie and spits them out. :slight_smile: His greasy, messy hair, his massive Buddy Holly glasses, the thick lips, the constant look of constipation, the bawling obsequiousness, the uncomfortable physical tics and fidgets … Mikey takes the nerdy prize by a country mile IMO.


No one’s gonna’ add Cornjob and Perrico to this Battle Royale? Tsk!


I smell a new POLL thread…!


Hey, it’s my one lasting contribution to MST3K culture! I uploaded this so long ago that there was still a ten minute limit on videos, so I had to trim some fat on my 12 minute draft to make it fit. Don’t worry, you’re not missing much from the director’s cut. (Though I have wondered if I should put those pieces in a second tiny video called “The Rest Of Mikey.”)

It’s one of my favorite episodes ever, maybe top ten. Any episode that references the Higgins Boys & Gruber is a winner in my eyes.


I watched this one yesterday and I have no memory of having seen it before. I did do a “watch every episode” thing about 15 years ago, so it at least played. Maybe I fell asleep and didn’t realize (sometimes I’d doze off in the last few minutes then wake up while the credits rolled; maybe a time or two I didn’t sleep for a few minutes, but through an entire other episode).

Anyway that’s a long preamble to get me to saying “oh wow I think this episode is great!” It’s not just because it’s “new” to me; I do find it to be particularly strong.

I suppose now would be a good time for me to review the entire series, but instead of trying to watch them all and potentially falling into the same trap, I’ll just select the ones where I can’t picture the main characters or remember a riff. (Except the Coleman Francis ones; I know I’ve seen those because I’m dead inside.) Just think of how many more “new” episodes I’ll be able to find!


It was not uncommon for me to fall asleep to an episode while the show was running on cable. They played it enough on Comedy Central, that it was usually on late at night, and it was my go to show as it became time for go to bed.


I can’t imagine falling asleep to MST3K, but I have problems falling asleep.

Coffee Fry GIF


I used to do it every night back in the VCR days. I had a bunch of episodes I taped off of Comedy Central (and later Sci-Fi) and we would put one on and go to sleep.

These days, it’s nature documentaries on YouTube with an adblocker.


I’ve fallen asleep in some of them sometimes, but generally I don’t have an issue staying awake in an MST ep.

Now put on an episode of Bob Ross and I’m out in 30 seconds.


Since I just posted about Blood Beast in the other thread, I’ll say that I can tolerate this movie better than that one. Almost every actor is giving it their all, even if none of them are much good. I’d rather deal with that than the soporific, paint-by-numbers performances brought to us by the Beasties.


IMDb tells us:

John Humphries had never acted before doing this film. He has since said that he took his acting cues from Jo Canterbury who he knew had some acting experience Off-Broadway. So as her performance became more teary and shrill, so did his.