Update to survey link: how many MSTied movies were made in your lifetime?

I got 176 responses to the survey. It looks like most respondents were born from the mid-70s through the mid-80s.
The tally can be found in the related spreadsheet, viewable here.
Thanks for the responses.


I was part of the whole “No kidding, you’re a Xennial? I’m a Xennial too!” lovefest in the Intros thread, and I suddenly feel like that old “The O’Malley twins are drunk again” joke. :beers:


Looking at the list, couple thoughts come to mind.

  • I Accuse My Parents is the 2nd oldest movie they did (3rd overall by experiment) and I never noticed that until now!
  • As of now, they’ve yet to do a movie made in the Aughts/2000s (But three in the 2010s).

It blows my mind that they made this film to show the boys overseas in WWII. They just survived Saving Private Ryan; as if they hadn’t suffered enough.


Not sure where to input my info, so I’ll just add here that I’m born under the sign of Gamera (1965).

A day or two before this one I posted one called “Survey link: how many…” If you look for that it’ll have the link to the survey, which was done in google forms.