Dall-E: Fun with an AI!

It’s the Muppet Show! With our special guest star, He-Man! YAYYYYYYYY!!!


Xerox of a xerox of a xerox of Kermit about to go to bed is upsetting me.

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Asked for “If Godzilla were a human being:”

A little too Godzilla. So I tried, “If Godzilla were a normal human being:”


“It’s an iguana!


That woman with the glasses is going. “Mmm. Whatever.”

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Trust me, as a long time public transportation rider, I can guarantee you that the smartest policy is to mind your business all the time.

Godzilla hangs out with Woody Woodpecker in Tokyo!

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Godzilla hangs out with Tokyo in Paris.

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I went for Godzilla vs. Super Grover from Sesame Street…and got this!


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Wallace and Gromit as samurai!


Clearly a scene from the sadly abandoned animated feature, 間違った脇差.[1]

  1. I was trying for The Wrong Wakisashi, but who knows with machine translation when you’re not a native speaker ↩︎

Godzilla and his owner are out for a walk:

Godzilla geeks out:

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With the pickle mind, Godzilla kicks the nipple beer:

Steady as she goes, Godzilla’s flying over trout:

Godzilla ghetto down the highway at the speed of light:

Sack of monkeys in Godzilla’s pocket. His sister’s ready to go:

Idiot control, bees on pies, Godzilla’s burning rubber tires:



Fun with comic strips!

Godzilla loves Lasagna and hates Mondays:

Pizza isn’t Lasagna, Dall-E!

Godzilla gets super-strength when he eats his spinach:

Dall-E got this one!

Godzilla sleeps on top of his red doghouse:

Godzilla is wearing a power tie and is visited by his pointy-haired boss:

Godzilla goes on adventures with his imaginary stuffed tiger:

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While Colonel Sanders and Bernie Sanders look on

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Dall-E: “Lasagna? This is Godzilla so they must have meant he loves pizza.”

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Godzilla visits the Gizmoplex: The First Theater on the Moon: