The Stinger That Never Was.

What moment from an experiment SHOULD have been used as the Stinger?

For me? Being From Another Planet (1982) currently uses the ridiculous scream of the bureaucrat recoiling as his hand is eaten alive by alien mold. My replacement would be earlier where a nurse shrieks as she x-rays a woman and it cuts to an incoming nurse then settling on the now dead woman with rot on half her face. A touch more subtle while just as silly.

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There’s a whole bunch of those over here:


Riding with Death should have used “Op-ti-cal ILLOOSHUN!”


The Thing that Couldn’t Die should’ve been “you’re all horrible and I hope you all die”!


As funny as the “I’m comiiiiiiing!” guy in Delta Knights is, I can’t help but think the pee-throwing scene would have more accurately captured the film we just saw.


Yeah. I second that.

A good second is excitement over a trayjure chest.

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