Trivia Contest

Hey there friends…

I had an idea of doing some sort of trivia contest or like a tournament.
Unfortunately, I am not familiar with forums or computer stuff

So maybe if one of the mods know how or anyone for that matter knows how to organize something like that, maybe we can do it in the Lounge ™

Whatta ya think, sirs?


I’ve never run a trivia contest, so I can’t give you any advice, except - you could probably get pretty far with a few Google searches. Surely somebody else has run one of these and talked about it online.

Just avoid wikiHow. There have to be better sources. :rofl:


Kahoot seems like a good place to host such a contest. You get points based on how quickly you enter the correct answer (multiple choice or T/F). Work did a virtual trivia contest on it and it worked really well. Just a thought.