What are you cooking?

I’d share…but you’re not here. :slight_smile:


Appetizers (deviled eggs and candied kielbasa) has hit the table!




Putting together a roasted beet salad for the dinner later on.

Slices of beets (in two colors), with sliced blood oranges and semi-ripe avocado. Citrus (lime and orange) vinaigrette with olive oil, shallots, and parsley poured over the slices atop a bed of arugula just before serving.

Not sure what else is being served for dinner, but we checked to make sure that our small gathering is beet-friendly.

Baking up a frozen marionberry pie from the swanky bakery to take, too. No homemade bake-a-thon for me this year. Long Covid is real. Feh.

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I’ll tell you what wasn’t cooking - my mom’s turkey.

She told us we would eat at about 4 PM, so we got over there at about 3:30-ish (it is a 5 minute drive). When it got closer to 4, my mom checked on the turkey and said it wasn’t done yet. She checked it maybe 15 minutes later and made a comment that it wasn’t cooking like she planned. At about 4:30, she looked again and said “maybe my oven isn’t working - the turkey has been in for over 4 hours and is nowhere near done”.

True enough, her oven wasn’t working - it was warm but not anywhere near the temp is should have been. She ended up putting some turkey in the microwave to cook it, so I’m hoping I don’t end up sick in the next 24 hours.

But the biggest takeaway I had from the whole situation is that in 4 hours of the turkey being in the oven she must have never checked on it once. I took one look at that bird at 4:30 and could tell on sight that it was still mostly uncooked.


Blueberry compote for the cheesecake right now. I’ll make whipped cream later.


Pizza, 1/3 black olive, 1/3 pepperoni, 1/3 extra mozzarella.

Made the sauce less spicy this time so I could taste the mozzarella better. Only one small clove of garlic instead of the usual 3, so still somewhat spicy.

Cut my thumb on the lid from the pizza sauce can. Between my knee, hamstring, and thumb my left limbs are leaving me livid.


My pie was a hit.


Just finished the whipped cream.



My plate of duck breast and leg with potato pancakes. There was a roasted butternut squash salad not pictured. Got to have some veggies for balance.


Happy Leftovers Day, MSTies!


I’m about to tee up some leftovers myself.
I just finished Mitchell an hour ago and my stomach has started to settle down.


Really need to get caught up posting my food porn here… and the bird app before it completely implodes…

Yesterday, was homemade sweet potato pecan pancakes with rum sauce… (the batter had been in the freezer, leftover from a previous breakfast) Because it wasn’t quite a full batch, also made both bacon and sausage to go with the pancakes…

Didn’t really get any decent photos, everyone swarmed the platters with the food before I could get one (I was distracted by Turkey Day…)

May get some photos of tomorrows dinner?

Plan to make some homemade goodies Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, so should be able to share some of those.

Take care y’all!



I made brownies! I know they look pretty messy and not very pretty but they are delicious. Chocolate brownies with chocolate buttercream and marshmallows. You bake the brownies, pull them out of the oven, dump marshmallows on top, put it back in the oven just long enough for the marshmallows to melt and then take it out and put the frosting on while it’s all still warm and then spread it and mix it with the marshmallows. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, that’s probably too much, but I love them.


The hallmarks of a good brownie.


Just knowing there’s all that marshmallow under there makes me happy