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thorn tcs


This just came in the mail, so that’s kind of fun.

Used copy, but no handwriting in it…it’s fine.

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This could go in comics as well - the new Brubaker/Philips release. Just started, but there’s already lots of graphic sex scenes in this graphic novel that are making me uncomfortable, lol - I’ve turned into an old prude (it’s amazing I got through Poor Things… if I had pearls, I might have clutched them)

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Isaac Asimov’s mucky limericks.

I’ve seen the movies and miniseries, often different versions of the same stories, but I’ve never ever read her. I did some searching -I wanted something I was unfamiliar with- and this popped up on several “best of” lists. I’ll see…

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That is a thumbs up sign that didn’t make it into the frame. Not much of a photographer, afraid!

Yeah, it’s the good stuff.

Enjoyed the last one, so I picked up another from the library


just came in the mail today…oh, this is really freaking good stuff!

From “Stendhal’s” (it was a stage name he used…I guess to not embarrasse his family or something…it;s been a while since I’ve read his stuff) first preface, I’ll translate: “If the cops think this publication is improper, well, just wait ten years. 2-aug-1836”

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Finishing up this one:


Will be starting this one next:

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Huh. At a quick not-even glance, I thought the title was The Murder of Dan Aykroyd…I was about to be enraged!

It was a long wait, but this arrived today. Time for some light summer reading …


Ulysses! What a nice looking edition. Kudos! I think I first read it over a summer as well…it can be light reading, IMHO! Enjoy!

Just started dipping into this one from the great guitarist and author/teacher Randy Vincent. The difference is that Randy Vincent emphasizes bop/jazz phrasing by moving one’s hand on the fretboard, rather than changing “positions” or whatever, which is what seems to me the basic difference between somebody like Grant Green and a shredder on guitar. No, I’ve got the same idea by working through the Garrison Fewell books, which is also based on traditional jazz fingerings, rather than shredders who stay in position [whatever that may be…CAGED, 3-nps, or the Leavitt idea], where here the idea is to connect up every note to every other, no matter how one can do it.

I think it might be by inspiration from Rousseau that this is a book to be read with one hand. It’s a different approach to fingering the fingerboard, but it’s full of surprises.


Which leads us, of course, to basic fretboard knowledge. And by that, I don’t mean “shapes” or “patterns,” although obviously they exist in abundance. I mean “I said C4 not C3, you dummy, Lamont!”

/* Actually, I don’t know if you all know who Howard Roberts was…a major studio performer back in the day.

This OOP book which I just saw and read through in parts is a gem. Erm, I can read at the fretboard fairly well, if slowly, for a novice, but not anything like a guitar pro.

Some nice little insights here.