When's The Live Show?

As somebody who got a ticket to the big showing of The Christmas Dragon (one of the deluxe tickets, even!), I wanted to ask: Do we have a confirmed date for where and when the showing is going to be? I could have sworn it was in one of the Kickstarter updates, but I can’t find which one.

After looking at my ticket, The Christmas Dragon will premiere on Dec. 16, so 6 months to go!

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Do you know where?

Oops. I thought you meant the livestream premiere. As for the location, I heard that it’s gonna premiere at a theater somewhere in Philadelphia.

Yeah, no, I meant the theatrical release. Is that also the 16th?

I think so? I can’t seem to remember, either.

I think it’s hard to have both a live event and a live stream at the same time, especially with one having a party afterwards as part of it. I’d wager they won’t be simultaneous.