603. The Dead Talk Back (1957)

This can’t be emphasized enough. The Dead Talk Back is an underrated episode for a lot of reasons but this assessment covers a lot of its appeal. Everyone in the movie is TRYING (much like in Manos) despite the fact that the movie is a bad movie. Whenever that happens, it seems to be a vital ingredient that goes into making a great platform for MST3K to have a field day with the material.

Now that’s not always true. Everyone was trying in The Bubble, but that episode is hard to stomach. But in the case of The Dead Talk Back there is a lot of charm to the ensemble who are giving it their all. Renee is trying hard as the lovely but mean vixen-victim. Kruger, the cops, the killer, Matley, the nerdy photographer, and heck even the old lady complaining about her pictures is trying. :slight_smile: But none of them are particularly good, and so it gives lots of targets for riffing while at the same time making the movie itself kind of tolerable despite its flaws.

But Krasker… Yeah. Whenever he shows up it goes to 11.


If you go with the alternate definition of Trying here. Sure. :grin:

When S14 happens, I think we should call for someone to just randomly wander through a couple of sketches as Krasker. It’s never too late!!


As long as they emulate that intro of him in his lab. That really established the character.



I was thinking more a pointless board meeting helmed by Dr. St. Phibes and he keeps chiming in from the back with non sequiturs about his own thing and finally the host and the bots just pelt him with sandwich remains and empty chip bags.


Somehow Tim Ryder in a beard with glasses comes to mind.


I feel like Emily in the right costuming could pull this off, too.

OMG! DUELING KRASKERS!!! [breaks out space-banjo]


Dueling Lab Beakers and Monologues? GENIUS!



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You nailed it in three sentences.


My main issue is that I find Krasker INCREDIBLY annoying!

Every time he speaks is like :tired_face: for me. Just the next level of pretentiousness.

On the other hand, the riffing is just so spot on. This is an example of one of those movies that are just offering it up on a silver platter.

All the other characters are kinda amazing. No real acting talent on display, but it sure is fun to watch.

With the obvious exception of Captain Pretentious. :face_exhaling:

The funny thing is I saw a Dead concert and Jerry went off just like Crow for an indeterminate amount of time. Being high would have made it better.


Lol I’ll be the lunatic supreme and say that I’d rather watch Krasker ramble on 'til half past forever than see the same from the colorless, witless, blander-than-bland Peter Graves in The Beginning Of The End. (Or his wannabe in The Deadly Mantis.)


But, Man is a thinking creature…


Truly, Graves has Norwegian Charisma ™ on par with that of Walter Mondale.

:saluting_face: (I hope that’s a deep enough cut for everyone.)


Good candidate for a re-riff…maybe on a re-do, I won’t always inadvertently curse out loud when I forget to mute volume for the guitar bit!

I do know hearing somewhere that the musician was actually really accomplished all-around and put some effort into getting “that sound.”

So, nothing personal against the show and staff! That bit just doesn’t lube my crankcase, is all.