Anybody got plans tonight?


Another boring Friday night. Anybody got plans? I’m thinking about alphabetizing my junk drawer … that should eat up a few hours.


Watching MST3K on PlutoTV while resting and recovering from my skin cancer surgery I had performed on my left temple this morning :face_with_head_bandage:


Batman will have to wait and it’s rainy.

Tired Season 4 GIF by The Simpsons

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Youch! I hope everything turns out well with that.

I thought about trying to sort my zombie movie collection roughly in order I first watched them, roughly 135. Might take a while, good thing not much else is going on… :slight_smile:


Sore and a bit of a headache…
Looks worse than it is but I’m alright…


Well… Today, I am making that good ol’ Eat (America’s most famous generic diner) classic Turkey Manhattan. It’s either brick form food or slapped together with me.

Guys … my junk drawer looks soooo much better already.

Forgot to mention: While under anesthesia, I was apparently carrying on a conversation with the doctor and assistants with topics ranging from NFL football to the various hard rock music that was playing in the background… I apparently was having a good time while they were carving a hole in my head :joy: