Anyone watched any of the international Amazon LOL: Last One Laughing series?

Don’t know what versions are being made available in other places, but the Amazon series for LOL’s Canada edition kept getting spammed to me, so gave it a chance not too long ago.

Being on Amazon it did allow some talent to work a bit on the blue side but overall a decent effort, and the final ended up with likely the best possible face-off possible.

I see it’s been made a few for a few other markets (might try to check out the Australia one) but has anyone else watched any of the other versions? Were they any good?

Posting the trailer for the Canadian one, hopefully it’s not geo-blocked.


My fiance and I watched the Australian one last year, and the Canadian one recently. We really liked them both, but the absurdist humor in the Australian version clicked with us a bit more. (FYI, it is WAY more blue than the Canadian one.)

We tried a few of the others, but the issues with dubs/subtitles and cultural references that went over our heads resulted in more friction in the comedy.

I’d heard of the Japanese version years ago (I think that was the original) when there was a story about it on This American Life or Radiolab, and I’m glad that the general concept has lived on in so many other markets.

I’ve gathered from the Red Band trailer I saw Sam Simmons (who I recognize from 9OO10KDC) looking like he was naked in a wading pool getting wine dumped on him…

Beyond the Aussie one, I definitely can see the friction aspect, so I guess if i’d likely only try one of the Japanese series, At least I know the host from hanging out with friends who would watch VHS tapes of HEY HEY MUSIC CHAMP from a local Japanese bookshop that we used to have around here.


Oh my gosh, the Japanese one is how I discovered the series and it’s so good.

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I started the Austrailian one years ago (I guess when they were airing an episode each week) but never got around to finishing it.

I enjoyed the Canadian one but am biased as I am Canadian and was already very familiar with most these comics (Brandon Ash-Mohammed was the only one I knew little of).

Possible spoiler but I think my favourite moment happened to be when Paul Sun-Hyung Lee showed up and there was a mini-Kim’s Convenience reunion.


Sounds a little bit like David Baddiel’s ill-fated radio program Don’t Make Me Laugh, where comedians have to talk about a selected topic and other comedians buzz in if they decide the first comedian said something funny. Then it goes to the person who buzzes.

Similar but opposite. Comics are put in a room together with the express purpose of trying to make the others break. Once eliminated you join the host in the monitor room.

Show runners will also toss guests or situations into the mix to cause chaos. Break twice, and you are eliminated. Survive long enough in the game, but failing to cause anyone to break may also remove you from the game, to ensure everyone is fully participating.


That was great, but the best part for me was the final 2. A perfect pairing for that showdown, wondering who would figure out the avenue to win, and as soon as they figured it out you knew it was just a matter of time. But that final killshot, surprised they went there, but damn it was good ending.