I can’t find a list of this month’s movies or any events. Are livestreams over?

Jan. 6 - Festival of Shorts!
Jan. 20 - Tribute to Overdrawn at the Memory Bank with live riff-along!


And then after that, there are livestream events currently scheduled for February 3rd and February 17th, according to the ticket art for Gizmoplex Special Events #13 and #14!


Not quite. The current Gizmoplex pass we have lasts until the 28th of next month, so we’re still gonna have a few more livestreams. As for after the pass ends next month, here’s what the latest Kickstarter update said:

"Finally, as we approach the end of the Gizmoplex’s first full season on Feb 28th, we wanted to take a moment to clear up some confusion about your Gizmoplex Passes. We know a lot of backers might be concerned that you’ll lose access to all of your Gizmoplex Pass content after February 28th, so we’re pleased to tell you:

Your Gizmoplex account gives you permanent streaming access to all content released as part of your Kickstarter Pass or Season Pass, aside from each month’s limited-time Vault Picks.*

If your pass included access to a livestream event, tribute show, or premiere – or to the screener for an episode or short – don’t worry! You won’t lose that access after February 28th. Your pass gives you lifetime streaming access to any content released while your pass was active, so that you can keep enjoying and rewatching all of your livestream events and episodes whenever you want.

Really, the only thing that changes after your pass expires is that you won’t get free access to any new content that might get released… but, before you ask, we’re working out the plan for the future of the Gizmoplex now, and will share more details over the next few months.

For now – as Joel announced before the premiere of Episode 1313 – feel free to “just relax,” knowing that we’re working on plans to continue making new episodes beyond Season 13, and that you’ll have a chance to preorder a Gizmoplex Pass for access to whatever we make next. More details coming soon, along with final instructions on how to pay shipping so we can send out all of your physical rewards!

*If you’ve been waiting for access to watch any Vault Picks you missed, don’t worry: they might be gone for now, but they’re not gone for good. We’ll share more about the plans for Vault Picks in the months to come."

So I guess that means somewhere around this year, we “might” get/rent/buy new passes to enjoy some new content, especially since MST3K’s gonna turn 35 later (Wow. When did time suddenly disappear?!).


Will we get any sort of discount if we re-order another 12 month pass? I’m willing to pay the $150, but I paid $100 during the Kickstarter and a happy medium of $125 for returning customers would be nice.

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I have a feeling a lot of those details still need to be worked out. I don’t expect to hear any real concrete plans until after the last of the events in February.