Coffee as a major plot point.

This is not specifically about the Coleman Francis experiments (though all of his films definitely qualify) but what are your thoughts on the movies where the “plot” such as it is, consists literally of random events and left field vignettes?

Sometimes the result is Golden. They find an oddity to latch onto, a bizarre alternate lens in which to find the fun in all of the nothing.

(See “The Skydivers”)

Other times they struggle, we struggle with them in a film that seems to consist of padding and nothing but.

(See “Radar Secret Service” though your mileage may vary.)

Do you savor the rare challenge these types of experiments provide the crew? It’s not easy making something from nothing. But sometimes they pull it off.


Those are some of my favorite episodes. The Creeping Terror comes to mind.

And absolutely The Day Time Ended, an episode I like more and more each time I watch it.