Destroy All Movies (Jonah/Hampton/Baron's Live Riffs)

Now that S14 is up in the air, I’m thinking we might see more from Jonah and Hampton (and sometimes Baron) in terms of their live riffs.

Jonah, Baron and Hampton started “Destroy All Movies” back in 2020 with Over The Top. Recently, Jonah and Hampton did a live riff of Night of the Living Dead on October 30th at Dynasty Typewriter in LA.

I wonder if they’ll eventually live-stream future performances (depending on if they are able to get the movie rights). Dynasty Typewriter seems to have archived livestreams of past comedy shows on their website, so anything’s possible.

Creating this thread in case Jonah and Hampton (and possibly Baron?) schedule any more live performances, or in the event any livestreams occur.


if they do more and do something they can stream I’d totally give it a go

I’ve watched a couple of archive streams from Dynasty Typewriter before; SuperEgo Forgotten Classics and the SuperEgo/Wild Horses murder mystery show.

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