Does anyone like to talk abou MST3K? Everything is off topic

Come on! This is a site for mst3k activities !

There are topics for many of the episodes. There’s a thread for MST3K memes. Every new episode has a topic. And MST3K regularly comes up in most topics that are off topic. You can go into the different categories and see all the MST3K topics. Here’s the category for the MST3K topics: MST3K Central - Mystery Science Discourse 3000


This site is for fans of MST3K to talk about whatever they want to talk about*

*within forum rules


I never can tell if you’re high, or I am. But there are appropriate threads for whatever you want to talk about, put Rifftrax posts into the Rifftrax thread for example (and be clear about whatever it is your talking about, don’t just post a random date that’s not associated with anything)

Unless we’re being trolled, are we being trolled, I think we’re being trolled? Or maybe we’re being goblined?


Even if we don’t talk much about this MST3K do-hicky-thingy :grin:

Well, if you go to the front page of the forum, it can look like most of the activity is off topic, but you kind of have to expect that at this point. Season 13 was last year, there’s no concrete news about Season 14 yet, there’s gonna be a lull. Yeah, we’re all fans and all, but the forum kind of dies if we don’t branch out.