Emergency Punchline Mad Libs


I’m having a nice dinner (https://hopleafbar.com/) in my hometown and newly former city of residence - back in town for business. At the other end of the bar, a party of three genial Boomer gentlemen is having a darn good time for a Monday night. This place has a great draft list. I left my car in my new hometown and may be into it myself. :beers:

Anyway, one of them just shouted:

“That’s the FIRST time I ever drank a beer from a FOUNDER!

…and brought down the absolute house. His fellows just wet ‘em laughing. So my question to you, obvious experts on comedy with excellent taste is: What happened right before that?

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They had just finished a Sam Adams beer??


I’m out. My favorite brewery is clouding my thinking too much to come up with a punchline.

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