Gary Busey charged with sex offenses over incidents at horror convention: Police

Well if nothing else this gives Rifftrax more ammunition for their running Gary Busey jokes.

It’s always the ones you least expect


They already do it for some once blond hobo he always gets mixed up with. He’s Arby’s to his Golden Corral.

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First Eddie Deezen, then Gary Busey. Who’s next? What’s the connection? Is there a connection? No.

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Please don’t let it be Joe Estevez. It’s bad enough his nephew is no stranger.

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Unrelated: I like the new avatar!

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If Joe Estevez commits a crime, would anyone cover it?

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Not The Onion.

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Sometimes a guy needs to take a little pressure off the waist.

Don’t make it weird.

Wait, you’re telling me that the host of Gary Busey: Pet Judge is a weirdo? (yes it’s a real show)

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He was a fine actor in his youth but I question his authority to sit in judgment of my pet.


He’s a good judge of wurwilves, though.

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