HOT TAKE: Santo was the VILLAIN!

So, watching “Santo In The Treasure Of Dracula” last night, it struck me about halfway through that Santo was actually the VILLAIN of the movie, not the hero.

He ranted several times about how he intended to prove all those who “mocked” him for his “scientific theories” WRONG. Much like Bela Legosi in several of his Mad Scientist roles.

He also sent an innocent woman back in time, then sat there for 45 minutes just WATCHING her being stalked and attacked by a vampire…just to see what would happen.

He forces his poor, Wormy Guy lackey to do his bidding despite the poor mans obvious fears and discomforts.

Yes: Santo is the VILLAIN.

Prove me wrong. :wink:


To be fair, she did volunteer to go even after he tried to talk her out of it. Which pretty much makes her Ellen Ripley compared to the tatooed (“battooed”) pianist “heroine” in Samson v. Vampire Women.


It couldn’t be helped. Perico was the Chosen Keeper of the Magic Hip-Hop Dollar Sign Pendant. No one else could wield it without being zapped, like the Wicked Witch of the West trying to take the ruby slippers.


The desktop version of the Time Tunnel really needed some more development, though. Even the one Jonah had was better.


They spent most of their budget on her wardrobe and Streisand 'do. They didn’t have much left for frivolities like that unnecessary time machine. :wink:


C’mon man! He’s a professional wrestler! You never know what’s real and what isn’t. Confidentially, all the babyfaces really want to be the heel.


To give props where they’re due, she did look pretty smokin’ in everything she wore.

I really liked the wall TV screen in the background where the screen was obviously brown construction paper. They couldn’t even afford a real TV.


I caught that too, but I wonder if it was just a quick practical solution to eliminate glare or reflections in the real screen.

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And watches him getting beaten up so a wrestle-man can explain something to him that he definitely already knows.

If you want to get technical, was Dracula even really a vampire/villain? Sure we see him biting the girls, but the fang marks are the wrong direction and despite that Van Rott can’t see him in the mirror, you CAN see his reflection in the hallway mirror as he passes by…