I heard that the real reason K03 can't be shown is because.....

The “It’s lost” is a bit lame. I bet there are more interesting reasons as to what really happened during K03 in order for it to be buried and hopefully forgotten for all eternity.

The rumor I heard is that they were drinking during the theater segments and got noticeably Plastered. Josh being a teenager at the time was clearly under age so they burned the master tape to cover their illicit activities.


Oh stop.


The tape of Star Force they used was removed from an ancient Egyptian tomb and was cursed. This resulted random malfunctions of equipment at KTMA for years. It also affected around 20% of all TV’s that received the broadcast. The master tape of the episode also seems to cause odd glitches in whatever playback hardware it is put in. K03 is simply being kept out of the public’s hands for our own safety.


Yeah, no. I’d imagine they may have kept it quiet until Josh turned 21 for that reason, but after that I’m fairly sure any relevant statute of limitations would have expired. Now, I could see them keeping it lost because of embarrassment at their antics, or not wanting to set a bad example, but not because they fear any legal prosecution.

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. . .I just figured the tape got destroyed with a forklift.


a wild shout, yeah, but don’t forget that during the late 1980s religious-epiphanized youths still found it necessary to burn their punk & metal albums seeking repentance.
all i am saying is fear of being under scrutiny by Tippers & other culture zealots might not be too crazy a cause for a tape to go missing.

even if it is a below par episode i would still watch it now

an even less wild shout is the imagined “we are pitching this show to a network and it could really hurt our chances if someone saw that crap episode so make it disappear” scenario.

especially during a time when violent video games & Two Live Crew were being rallied against by people trying to “save the children”
also in the still early days of cable before any publicity was good publicity (even bad).

times have changed…wish i could remember the film i saw around the time about record warning labels, Two Live Crew, Mapplethorpe paintings, and the Tipper Brigade, which would give younger msties a window into the world during the show’s early days (and what may have had an influence on the atyle of humor sometimes).

time to brew a pot of mocha java in Tom

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Since Josh has talked about getting plastered at CC events a few times over the years, I really don’t think your scenario holds water.


Actually, I’ve been rewatching the livestreams, and both Joel and J. Elvis admitted to doing a lot of drinking during the writing and production of Untamed Youth. Both also admitted this was the only episode where this happened. This prohibition didn’t hold up under the Mike era however, as in another livestream Beez revealed that the “boys’ night” in Quest Of The Delta Knights did include real scotch.


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