Movie progress bar stays on screen after clicking ChromeCast button

The progress and menu bar are staying on the screen for me after I’ve attempted to ChromeCast to my TV (unsuccessful because my TV doesn’t seem to have that function), even after the curser hasn’t been moved for ages. I’ve clicked around the screen and on the empty places of the progress bar in an attempt to get it to collapse back down like it’s supposed to, but no luck. Right now the only solution to it is to go back to the video fridge and click on the movie again and NOT press the ChromeCast button. I’m not sure how it would behave for someone who was able to cast it to their TV from their laptop, but it is definitely a little annoying seeing the progress bar when I don’t need it.


I had a similar problem when I turned on captioning. No matter what I did the bar stayed on. This happened only the first time I tried watching a movie. After that I could not duplicate it so I didn’t mention it. After seeing this post I decided to speak up in case it’s a rogue bug that (like white dot) could appear again at any time.