MST3K Using VCI Santo Transfers/Dubs?

Just curious if anyone out there can confirm if for 1301 Best Brains used the transfer and new English dub VCI did for the Santo films based on what we say today in Dracula’s Treasure. I’ve been on the fence about picking the discs up, so if I can use what I saw today as a reference, that’d be darn helpful

VCI . . . aren’t exactly well-regarded for the discs they put out, and I had heard the English dubbing on these was terrible. However, after watching 1301, I actually found the new dub pretty charming and close enough to what was done in the past, much as I’d LOVE to have the original Spanish language tracks and English dubs.

I don’t want to judge A/V quality from a stream, but it seemed about on-par with VCI’s past efforts and . . . let’s say good enough to enjoy a cheesy Mexican wresting movie being presented in a less-than-authentic fashion (read: new dub, no original language)

Link for the curious:

Link for the thirsty :wink: :

Based on the trailer on the “thirsty” link (the trailer is safe for work), the dub is the same, and the transfer seems the same (film scratches in the jumping on the bed sequence look identical).

There’s also trailers for the films in the boxset in the description on that site, if you want to see how the other Santo films look/sound like.

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Did they go back to calling themselves that?

Ah, so the film was shot in color as well as black-and-white. I was having a little trouble discerning if it was old color film or very good colorisation. Sometimes old color film has a very “monoblock” color pattern. And I thought I saw some telltale greying around the fringes at times which betrays colorisation. But it sounds like they probably restored the edition using the color footage from the naughty version.

Colorized movies are given away by the insides of people mouths. (If just looking at the image as a whole didn’t clue you in in the first place.)

Heh, force of habit :wink:

Ah, good eyes re: print damage! I had seen the trailer, but then those tend to cherry-pick some of the better images. Looks like 1301 is a good way to get a rough idea how at least the ‘Sexy’ one looks and I’ll probably pick them up when VCI does one of their regular sales and I get them on the cheap :wink:

Thanks for the help!

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