Music: Acts You've Stuck With the Longest?

So, at my Alice Cooper Blog I wrote about how he has always been there. There are groups who break up, and bands/singers I like who put out 2 or 3 really superb albums before the bottom falls out, but year after year, decade after decade, Alice carries on.

Now I know the music biz has changed a lot since the digital age, so you can answer this question any way you’d like, using whatever criterion you choose. But for me, I’m looking at the acts where I bought the most studio albums (not including compilations or live LPs)

Let’s begin…


Acts where I bought every one of their studio releases - 5 albums minimum

29 - Alice Cooper: From 1969 to Present
every time he’d put out a dud, he’d follow that up with an all-time favorite… so I always stuck with him. I’ve seen him live, watched the specials and guest spots on TV. Along with the studio LPs, I own a live album, the original greatest hits and a career box set full of rarities.

12 - The Beatles: 1963 to 1970 (Note: there were 17 in the US)
I also have several compilations, the Anthologies, the old “Beatles Story” LP, Live at the BBC, Live at the Hollywood Bowl, etc

12 - XTC: 1972 to 2000
beyond their 12 studio albums, there’s also Dukes of Stratosphere

8 - Roxy Music: 1972 to 1982

5 - Simon & Garfunkel: 1964 to 1970

Acts where I bought some of their albums (usually the early stuff, maybe a few later releases)

10 - Nazareth (mostly 70s) and Bob Dylan (mostly 60s) - several Spotify free listens and library checkouts, but 10 are what I own for the studio releases)

9 - Judas Priest (from mid 70s to early 80s - and the later reunion with Halford)

8 - Queen and Aimee Mann

7 - Devo and Ramones

6 - John Lennon

5 - Monkees, Paul McCartney, Pixies

Others: I like the Tubes, but only have 3 studio LPs (their first 2, and the Completion Backwards Principal), Billy Idol? I own 4, plus the first EP and a couple of compilations.


There are several artists for me where a new album is an automatic buy. That’s part of why my music collection is the size it is (currently sitting at just under 3900 CD and 1100 vinyl).

Artists I have the full run of:
Metallica (every album on both CD and vinyl, the first 5 albums at least twice each on both CD and vinyl)
Led Zeppelin

Artists that I’m missing a couple albums but the gaps will be filled in:
Iron Maiden
Dream Theater
Dropkick Murphys
Guano Apes
Judas Priest

These are off the top of my head. Put it this way, I have a two-sided 7.5 point listing that I print off before I go to the record store that lists either what I have or what I still need (depending on which is shorter) because otherwise I forget.


R.E.M. God love 'em, they’ve been my favorite band since Automatic for the People, which came out when I was 12.


All Rush since 1970-I dunno5-ish?

Phish since I could see them for cover charge.

Little Feat, Talking Heads, Steely Dan, and anything with Joe Strummer’s voice on it.

I’m not a nerd you’re a nerd nerd.


Grateful Dead
Jimmy Buffett
Tom Waits


I have every Led Zeppelin album on vinyl, some compilation/remaster CDs, and the CD box set of all the albums. I liked some of the stuff Robert Plant and Jimmy Page did after Zeppelin broke up but not as much.

The Beatles would be the next on the list of most albums bought. I’ve been tempted to buy one of the big box sets of their albums but have never been able to decide between the mono or stereo sets, then the Beatles channel on Sirius XM started up and that satisfies the itch to hear them whenever I want.

When I got back into vinyl I sought out old Jethro Tull albums for the wild stuff they did like an entire fake newspaper inside the fold, so they might be next at this point.

My musical tastes are pretty much all over the place, from Elvis Presley to Ozzy Osbourne, throw in some classical orchestra and a little jazz and blues. And one album of Mexican bull fighting music that I played a lot when I was very little and eventually found again a few years ago. Only music I don’t listen to would probably be rap and country but there are exceptions.


Yes, I discovered R.E.M. with Document, it was the first time I ever just picked up an album(cassette in those days) at the music store I had never heard of before. I proceeded to buy everything they made. I’ve got some cool Euro release stuff, live stuff, a whole lot of stuff that got lost, but yeah, college was a blast listening to them. I got to see them for the Green tour, awesome.

I also love Soul Asylum, and Wilco. I was a huge Wilco fan, then – sadly, I was at a show in the Phoenix area, and I had a little too much to drink. Did I mention I know every Wilco song by heart? So I was just hummin’ along and was actually singing louder than Tweedy…how did I do that? He stopped the show and asked me if he could sing his songs, I just nodded enthusiastically, while dying inside from embarrassment. But seriously, who can be outsung by a drunk, when you have a frickin’ Marshall stack or two to back you up?

Right now, I am really into Kevn Kinney, solo, and the Drivin’ and Cryin’ years. He plays a lot of shows with Mikey Mills, and you can see some stuff on youtube.


I’m so jealous! Stupid parents, all “Nooo, [Aquarius], you’re 8 years old, you can’t smoke a doobie and go see a rock show, meh meh meh.” :roll_eyes:


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Would it have made a difference if you promised not to smoke up at the show?


Possibly, but I try not to make promises I can’t keep.


The tragically underappreciated Shreikback has been making music since '81, when I discovered them. Other than a minor hit with “Nemesis” in '84, they haven’t made much of a splash, yet they’re still making music and I love them now just as much as I did then.


Had a hiatus from them after their last 90s album but came back to them on their self titled avocado. Ever since their sophomore…

Even Flow Band GIF by Pearl Jam

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Same age and got Monster and Vitalogy by PJ for Xmas in 8th grade. I remember my older cousin having a Green poster in his room in my tweens. He was even into RHCP before they became huge.


The Who are the band that made me a rock fan as a kid. My parents had a copy of Who’s Next, one day I sat down and listened to both sides straight through, and that was that. They are probably my favorite rock band of all time.

Been a Rush fan since Signals, and have all their albums on CD. Same with Genesis (I don’t have that post-Collins one they did, because who cares?)

Joan Jett, Blue Oyster Cult, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Brian Eno, Stevie Nicks, Renaissance, Tom Waits…

Hell, here’s the list of my favorite albums:


Haha, I think this might actually be the last REM album I ever bought :laughing:

checking… no, I bought Monster, the next album after AftP. I should really check out the newer stuff.

I think the artist that has spanned the most of my life that I started out liking and still like has got to be Prince. From 1999 as a kid (I got the prior albums later) through Emancipation I never missed an album. Didn’t care for the late career stuff as much but Prince will never not be one of the greatest of all time.

Besides that, only the one album, but in terms of how many years I’ve been listening to it, I’ll have to say Bat Out of Hell.


Skip Around the Sun - every marriage has a rough patch. But New Adventures in Hi-Fi is a terrific return to IRS Records-era form, and Reveal makes me teary ever since I’ve hit my forties and started appreciating life’s gossamer soap-bubble beauty. :smiling_face_with_tear:


Will do, thanks!


Beastie Boys fan for life, y’all, tried and true.