Nearly Forgotten Tech

I had one! It was in the 90s and it was totally obsolete, but I got it from a friend whose dad bought it back in the 80s and just decided to give it to me. I was willing to buy it. I had it for a few years and it was a fun toy. I have no idea what happened to it. Abandoned with so many other things when I moved across the country to L.A.

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Had one of those as well.

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My husband had two different Apple Newtons. Nifty gadgets.

How about mini disc players?

I still have several discs with music I recorded off of who knows where (I don’t know because I don’t have a way to play the discs now.) Pretty sure there’s a whole disc of They Might Be Giants music on at least one of them.


I don’t know how I had everything each of you chiming in had, but I also had a MD player/recorder that I did a lot of work with for radio shows and other audio projects. The quality was really good for VO work. Also, I’ve heard stories like people recovering minidiscs from dropping off a skyscraper or being deep underwater and them still being playable.

This is the model I had. The only problem with it is that it didn’t have XLR jacks, so I had to get an XLR to 3.5 mm converter cable, which was a little unwieldy, but it worked out.

Had one of these inside my 350 mhz Compaq presario family computer.


Growing up in the late 70’s our home was broken into exactly twice. The thieves gained access to the locked garage and stole a CB radio similar to this out of a locked car

After my dad replaced it (Breaker 19!) stolen again within a month. No idea how much they were actually worth back then but kinda crazy

Knock on wood… these are the only break-ins for my extended family in over 50 years

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Zip drives had a terrible reputation for crashing and destroying your data, but I used mine as a sort of additional hard drive for a few years with no problems.

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We had ZIP drives and JAZ drives.

A disk that holds 100meg (MEG wowzers!) Sign me up!!!

We also had a CB when we lived in Alaska in the 1970s. Of course that was more a matter of safety over novelty, but I remember talking to some folks out on the roads.


I only ever had a wild rock, so I never got to see there was a manual!

I remember making a felt sleeping bag for the poor little guy. The seventies were super weird.

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You can still get pet rocks for some reason.

The reviews are hilarious!

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Haha “Does not come as picture. In a plain box with no certificate” The manual is on Archive and has a section about throwing your Pet Rock at bullies

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You and I must have the same FB friends. LOL!

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Palm Centro was the best cell phone ever! Easily customizable ring tones, multi-colored options for the calendar categories, and a real :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:ing keyboard! :purple_heart: :purple_heart:

Yeah, nobody smokes a pipe any more

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Can anyone here help me with something?

I am looking for an old portable TV that has Analog, that I can use to play old MST3K episodes while sitting on my work desk.

Anyone selling one? Or have any advice on what to look out for? What to avoid?

I used to have one similar to this, bonus points if it’s an FM/AM radio AND a tv that has working Analog.

Here is something I have found: Vintage TV Radio Portable Radio Works 2 in 1 TV Radio Brand - Etsy

Also, the plan is to use a HDMI to Analog converter and plugin a Google TV dongle to play any and all MST3K episodes from the Gizmoplex.