New curtains feature not working

So @ivan mentioned in his last update thread ( Gizmoplex "Hallowe'en" Update - v 0.9.24 - #7 by AdamSmith ) that the old 4:3 resolution episodes would have the curtains covering the sidebars.

This is definitely not working for me on my desktop w/Chrome browser. The decorations are present and so is the easel, but no “new” curtains.


Are you talking about this?

Desktop Windows 10. Firefox.


Mine wasn’t working either. Checked the ‘Plex version - it’s up to date.

Tried refreshing the browser and reloading the page, and it still isn’t showing the second set of curtains.

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What does it show? Just the whole screen?

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I can confirm the same issue. Loaded up Pod People, here’s what it looks like in both theater views:

Of course, the sidebar curtain effect is still there for Synthia’s Selects, but I’m guessing those are just baked into the video.

I’m also in Chrome, I’m on a Chromebook with the latest updates. My experience with the web in general is that I tend to just have little glitches like this from time to time because of the platform I’m using, and I don’t consider this a deal-breaking issue, but I figured I could share what I’m experiencing if it’s helpful.


Tried it in Firefox, still no extra curtains.


Hey gang, I’ve moved this to the Bug Reports section, where you can now vote on the issue. If you have commented, please vote so @ivan’s team knows about the problem.


Okay, weird. I was trying the virtual theater in an incognito window, and the curtains worked when I loaded up Alien in L.A. Surprised, I went back to my regular browser window and yep, the curtains worked there too. I tried a handful of other movies – Pod People, The Amazing Transparent Man, Angels Revenge – and the curtain effect didn’t work in either window.

My best guess? I don’t think being in incognito affected anything, I think I just got lucky and hit the one movie that the virtual theater recognizes to engage the curtain effect in my browser. Thought I’d share my experience in case it helps people figure out what’s going on.

I’d say, if you’re having this issue, try Alien From L.A. and see if that one works? I might take some time later and see if I can find any other movies that work.


Just wanted to come in to say that I was having this issue, and today I noticed for the first time that the curtains are working for me! So there’s some positive feedback for you.