NPR's Peter Sagal Wrote A Bad Movie In The '90s, Here’s The Full Story

Some of you might have seen my listicle about Joel and the Gizmoplex that I posted in another thread, well, I also convinced my editor to let me do one on the Peter Sagal movie rifftrax just did. I hope yall like it!


He also wrote Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.


I think I’d be pleased if a terrible movie was THE worst thing I could picture someone unearthing from my personal history.

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I’ve read about that before. He’s in good humor about it, which is probably for the best. I’d be pretty pissed if I worked hard on a screenplay and some producer put it through a mill and shat out a sequel to Dirty Dancing no one saw.

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Yes! I mention that in the article. :slight_smile: