Physical Set Details?

Was wondering if After the announcement that we’d have physical sets again, there’d been any further info on that?

In the Synthia selects bits obviously they used a vinyl backdrop as a set instead of greenscreen.

This was also what was used at some of the events in Phonexville where fans could get photos.

Basically the long table is there and then a flat vinyl banner behind you that has an image of the door.

I ask because of the video here. Behind the guy is the same set up.

I’m wondering if that’s what they mean by physical set, or are the going to construct something again?

My assumption is that they’d build something. Joel mentioned something about giving the camera more freedom to move around last night and you can only really do that with a physical set. They also mentioned doing post production with green screen was a pain in the hinder so … Make of that what you will

All I know is that less static shots the better


Agree with you my friend 100%. Fluid camerawork adds life to the image!

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