Profile Name and Avatar

A couple of things I had reactions to:

Name - So my real name is displayed quite prominently, even though the site collected a username from me and the full name is optional. I would have assumed the username would be used on the forum. Other sites collect my full name, but only for their records; it’s not public.

Having two names doesn’t help. Could we just use the username in the forums? And limit the full name to the profile page.

Avatar - MST3k has so much visual appeal, I was really disappointed that the only avatar offered by the forum was M in a circle. It would be fun for a lot of your kids to scroll through some options from the shows. I’m thinking each host, mad and bot (possibly multiple options), plus a liberal sprinkling of fan favourites like Torgo, Mitchell, and Gamera.


I’m pretty sure there’s an option to only show your username – let me investigate where that is and circle back with directions!

And the avatar thing… so, the way Discourse is set up, apparently we can EITHER have a pack of pre-chosen avatar options, OR let people upload their own avatars. Not both. Which is actually pretty silly and annoying to me. I decided to go with letting people upload their own to start with, and Ivan has suggested making a folder available for folks to choose and upload from a set of MST3K-specific avatars. That’s the likely solution for now, at least until/if I can figure out a better one.


I prefer uploading my own, just my 2c. :v:


It’s easy enough not to give the site your full name. I just deleted mine, and now I’m “MyWy” only. I was just surprised by the very public use of Personally Identifiable Information. I might be over sensitive - complying with California privacy law is part of my work.

From a functionality point of view, I guess it’s not bad. Two names is weird, but if I @ Kinz, the site is smart enough to volunteer Lesley.

That’s a shame about the avatars! I understand why you went with the upload option. Offering a selection of images to download (and then re-upload, I guess…) sounds like a good way to deal with it.


Wait a tick, @Lesley , would it help snagging our own screenshots of lovable MST3k characters for others to use as avatars? As long as there isn’t a copyright concern or a high-pressure deadline, I think that could be fun. I mean, I’m watching about 2 episodes a week anyhow, and I know others watch even more than that, so it would be no bother.

At the very least, I’m going to go hunting for one for myself. Don’t want people thinking I love Elite:Dangerous more than MST 3000.


I grabbed my picture of the Dr. Forrester Starbaby online and uploaded it. :grin:


I got my Dr. Forrester, pre-starbaby, in green! From… uh… Stranded in Space? Maybe the Amazing Colossal Man.


I’d much rather do BYOAvatar. Ivan’s idea is on the money. I like the idea of changing them occasionally tbh.


I’m a believe in personalized avatars, but obviously not everybody cares enough to make them. I wonder if gravatars might be an option. Do people still use those?


The avatar editor lets you pick a Gravatar. I have no idea what it is. Google avatar?

Screenshot 2021-07-06 17.25.31


Oh, nice. It’s some kind of global avatar thing that identifies you by your email address and lets you have a portable avatar anywhere you use that address and supports gravatars. It used to be pretty common, but I wasn’t sure if it was much of a thing anymore.


Considering that Automattic (WordPress’ parent company — and Tumblr’s, and Simplenote’s, and Longread’s, and Day One’s, and IntenseDebate’s, and bbPress’, and…) bought Gravatar a few years ago, it’s still very much a thing.