Rif-Fest 2024

Hey all! I am planning (still planning, and open to ideas) the First Annual Rif-Fest at my place for Aug 9-Aug 11.

This is a free event


Depending on attendance, I will obtain a group rate at the local hotel/motel of which there are 5 about a mile from our place. Attendees will receive a free Rif-Fest shirt (size requested by participant), main meals and beverages.

Here is a tentative schedule (still in progress)

RIF-FEST Schedule

Thursday: 17-20:00 Rif-fest attendees arrive
20:00 - Movie TBD
21:30 - Movie TBD

Friday: 07:00-09:00 - Breakfast!
09:00-11:30 - RiffTrax: The Game (or Jackbox?)
11:30-12:30 - Lunch
12:30-13:00 - Free Time
13:00-16:30 - Rock Band
16:30-18:00 - Dinner
18:00-19:00 - Free time
19:00 - 21:30 - Costume Ball
21:30 - Movie TBD

Saturday 07:00-09:00 - Breakfast!
09:00-11:00 - MST3K Trivia!
11:00-11:30 - Free time
11:30-12:30 - Lunch
12:30-13:00 - Free time
13:00-15:00 - RiffTrax: The Game
15:00-16:00 - MST3K secret challenge!
16:00-19:00 - Cards Against Humanity
19:00-20:00 - Free Time
20:00 - Movie TBD
21:30 - Movie TBD

Sunday 07:00-09:00 - Breakfast
09:00-11:00 - Free Time/RiffTrax: The Game

Raffles throughout both days.

If interested, please let me know and I will delve into deeper planning stages. All events will take place in the back yard, so everyone can participate!


Definitely interested! I can help you pick shorts to go with the movies if you want.




Wow that sounds like it will be a real kick! No way I can get to Illinois, but I hope y’all have a good time!


Starting movies at 9:30 PM? Some of us are old and half asleep by then, you know…

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Well, as it is primarily outside, doesn’t get dark until 8pm-ish for “official” movie time projector situation. But I’ll have a bevy of films and shorts just playing throughout the day! =)

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That’d be me, but I’ll just bring my strong tea with me.

Hopefully I won’t have to bring a kettle.

We have a kettle you can use! =)

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I already messaged @Armetus and wanted to tell all of you that I’m interested in this.


I would be interested, and even live in Illinois (about 4-5 hours down state), but the date does not work out for me. I have tickets for Blink 182 here in St. Louis that weekend, but if the dates are amenable to change, I might be able to convince Mrs. Hippy to make the pilgrimage. She has put up with all of the other MST3K related silliness I have dragged her to.


Possible, but not probable for a date change. But if it goes well, this will just be the first annual!


Of course, and I wouldn’t want it changed solely on my account. Summer weekends can be pretty jam packed, and odds are I will be kayaking around the Ozarks on some of those other August weekends.


I have, by some juxtaposition of the moon and the stars, randomly picked 11:30 as lunch for both days. I feel a clip will need to be incorporated into the mix! :purple_heart: :tada:


Picking “official” riffed movies for Rif-Fest. Thoughts?

  • The Space Children
  • Fire Maidens from Outer Space
  • Rollergator!
  • The Final Sacrifice
  • Terror from the Year 5000
  • Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster
  • Rocketship X-M
  • I Was a Teenage Werewolf
  • A Talking Cat
  • It Conquered the World
  • Cats
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Trivia at 9am?? Yay day drinking.


Bloodies and mimosa’s served at breakfast! =)



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Make sure you keep them separate. Bloody mimosas sound both gross and unsanitary.


I am interested, as I’ve already indicated. :slight_smile:

Question for the group though; would people be interested in watching/riffing on creature feature movies (unriffed via either MST3K or Rifftrax, as far as I’m aware) in a sort of group heckling? If so, perhaps that can be one (or more) of the movie times?

ETA: I own multiple creature features, including the crown jewel: The Giant Claw. I’d be curious to see if people can watch/riff on that film without busting out in guffaws whenever the darn bird is on screen.