Rifftrax and Yellowstone?

Spouse and I are watching Yellowstone. In one ep, the ranch hands are watching Buffalo Rider and semi-riffing on it, and in another ep, Travis (acted by Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan) talks about the best movie ever: Roadhouse. Am I creating connections in my own mind or is it possible that Taylor Sheridan (or someone on the writing team) perhaps likes Rifftrax?

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Too bizarre to be a coincidence, has to be a thing. It seems like we’ve been seeing more riffing-related content in media. Lots of offhand references to MST3K. I can’t imagine Rifftrax doesn’t have a big audience by now too. Wait till the Millennials get to 50, I bet riffing be even more popular when they have disposable incomes. If they ever do…