SpaceBrains3D: 3D Storytelling Reimagined

Got a lovely shout-out on Cereal at Midnight for SpaceBrains3D! (And for my Ren and Stimpy piece in Gen X Reader. Did I really do that?)

Starts at TC: 01:14:51

Hey, FS,

A while ago you asked if I’d be offering digital downloads. Well, I’m excited to say that I’ve just put up the very first SpaceBrains3D digital download, and it just so happens to be an MST3K favorite, Design for Dreaming 3D! (Note: This is not the MST3K version.)

You can purchase your own copy here.

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Thanks. Unfortunately, I just quit my job, so we only have a single income and I can’t do anything like that right now, but I’ll bear it in mind if the situation changes.

“Everybody says the future is strange,
But I have a feeling some things won’t change.”

Nuveena lives! Thanks to the dimensional innovation of SpaceBrains3D, the MST3K classic Design for Dreaming becomes an immersive, anaglyph 3D experience. It is now available as a digital download from the SpaceBrains3D Etsy store.

Bring your own red/cyan 3D glasses (or order a couple of pairs from the store) and get your copy here.

(For the record, this is not the riffed, MST3K version.)


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Hi, FS,

I’m sorry to hear. Beaming good thoughts your way!


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