Space's Frank makes an appearance!

If you haven’t seen Alien Super Show, you are missing the latest updates on the craziness that is the current state of um, things…spoiler is because the site linked to the vid is political in nature. I was surprised, then elated to hear a familiar voice in this latest update !

This might be better tacked onto the “MST3K In Other Media” thread, or the Mads Are Back thread.

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In a previous show, Bobzap Goldzorb (“guest alien” Bobcat Goldthwait) name-dropped “TV’s Frank”, so I suppose it was only a matter of time before Conniff voiced his own guest alien.

The show itself might deserve a spot in the Extended World of Riffing category. Some moments it has like a Daily Show vibe, but often, to me, it seems like straight-up riffing (though nonsensical news hosts and news video segments, not fiction/movies).

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I confess: I’m an old fart and even on the (rare) occasions I find myself in political alignment with those shows, I don’t care for them.

The one or two Le Tube shows I tune into for politics regularly have tired-looking even-older-than-me old farts in what looks like DIY offices in the garage doing Q&A and recitation of facts in tones so dry and dispassionate by modern standards that actuaries would be overcome by envy. :wink: Usually with about 10% more energy and brevity than say, Pip Pumphandle from Animaniacs. Just the right amount, IOW.

No jump cuts. No puppets. No GIFs. No watch my shameless mugging while I dance around to Lady Gaga showing most of my boobage. I mean, to each their own but that stuff in a “serious” political setting makes me climb the walls.

IOW, I really like as strong a demarcation between my politics and my entertainment as possible. The scant handful of political jokes on MST3K itself aside. Those can stay. :smile_cat:

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Frank’s alien appearance has a certain familiar something I can’t quite place.

@Spotty_Boots’ warning is well placed - this is WAY political content. Frank Conniff loves that stuff, but you may not. It may also blow up your YouTube algorithm, or your brain. I’ve never seen any of that channel’s content, but Frank seemed like a very natural fit.

Mod hat reminder - please avoid discussing the actual contents of this youtube channel. You’ll break the no politics rule before you can blink.


Yeah, I didn’t even want to click on it. Le Tube would be shoving political shows in my face all day long for the next 90,000 years. :confused: I unsubscribed from a couple of things I was genuinely interested in for that very reason. The algorithim is shooting its own soldiers in the feet. lol

Gratuitous politics added below Don’t Click!

I thought there’d be more pie.

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Yeah, sorry, feel free to move it, or lock it if it is out-of-bounds.

K Bob that’s funny.

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FYI: YouTube videos do have that “ ” menu next to their titles that lets you choose “Not interested” or “Don’t recommend channel”, which can help remove a lot of “trash” from one’s timeline.


True, but when they flood you with undesirable stuff it really turns into a chore. Because you still have to click 'em one by one.

Also, the creep factor is really, uh… creepy. Five minutes after I mentioned Catholicism in the Griping thread here, suddenly they’re asking me if I want to watch somebody conducting Mass. Yeah, no. I don’t. Bug off.

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