Am going to be streaming and reacting to some of the old episodes tonight starting At sometime around 5pm mountain time

I will drop the link soon after I get everything set up but I am going to ask for assistance. Does anyone know how to set up a donation bar or counter on OBS?

here is the link.

Tomorrow we do Manos, pod people, and maybe hobgoblins. Probably starting at 10am mountain time.

day 2 livestream:

just fixed the issue with the movie audio

just discovered that the movie audio gets me copyright striked. so i had to mute it for the stream side.

new stream:


I’ll definitely be on trick or treat duty, but I’ll try to catch you later. How’s this newfangled reaction streaming thing work? We watch you watch the SOL crew watch the movie?

Will anybody donate campaign money to watch me watch him do all… waves hands at @Phelps_mechanic that… while I’m confused and muttering, with the “get off my lawns” and the “get a haircut, ya hippies” and whatnot?

Yeah, probably not so much.

But I’ll watch your stream. Like, with chat or something?

Seriously, I don’t know how it works.


Sounds neat, but I’m sure a lot of us will be doing the trick or treating with our bots tonight.

Yeah It didn’t work out very well. My stream was fine during the corpse vanishes. But today when I started pod people I got copyright striked. So I have decided to shut down the plan and not risk it.

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