The 80s Thread - Do a lot of coke and vote for Ronald Reagan!

The music you hear.

I don’t know how anybody manages to stay plugged into any sort of zeitgeist anymore, when everything’s so fragmented. So suddenly there’s a person called Pee Pee Flibbetty on my tv who I’m assured is very popular with, somebody.


I’ve never heard of most of the acts that have had #1 singles this year.

I don’t think that #X Singles is any sort of meaningful measure of anything important, I guess.


You know what I saw in a toy store in Niagara Falls?

Updated a little, but still the same basically.


That could be me at that age :open_mouth:

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From 1986 & 1987 - this TV commercial for Hershey’s Chocolate “One of the All Time Greats” has a number of retro pop culture figures. Can you recognize all of them?

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I saw a running and presumably street legal Chevy Chevette yesterday. It must be kept in a cage like a bird.


Was it silver? I swear that half of the cars in our high school parking lot, circa 1983-1984, were silver Chevettes.


It was! We called it the Shove-It, because you could, with a couple of friends.

Our HS lot was dominated by the Primer Gray Bondo Chevy Nova. Mostly Bondo in a sort of Chevy Nova shape.


We stumbled onto a car show this weekend and there were some bondoed pickup trucks there. I didn’t get it. Why are you showing off your crappy truck?

Heh, I remember those. That 3CPO one is probably still in my parents’ house somewhere.

Where I didn’t know he was still taking up brainspace until this thread reminded me he existed. Thanks, this thread!

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I think Starbuck’s has been selling in-house compendiums of old jazz since at least the early Oughts.

Now if we could just do something about their mediocre coffee, their union busting, their supplanting of local coffeehouses through real estate nefariousness, their…

(R.I.P. Mose Allison.)

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7 year old me remembers. He walked so Choose Or Lose could run.

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I just remembered this show.

I can’t find the intro I remember but it’s so weird to see a show whose whole thing was “the circus but on TV”

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