The Worst Director of All Time With More Than One Film

Nothing wrong with respecting talent and being enthusiastic about it. Yeah some of that zeal can be irksome, but they found something important to them - I try and be patient with people’s passions (it’s good to have something like that, in this hard life)

Kubrick, I don’t like everything he filmed, and I wouldn’t name him among my personal favorites, but Paths of Glory and Dr. Strangelove are fantastic. I am, however, a zealot for Bunuel and Keaton, so I have my nerd venerations too.


I think people overdo hero worship and its opposite (whatever that is.) I’ve enjoyed, or at least found edifying, everything I’ve seen so far by Kubrick including:

Paths of Glory
Dr. Strangelove
2001: A Space Odyssey
A Clockwork Orange
The Shining
Full Metal Jacket

They’re not all perfect. Maybe none of them are. But I think they are good movies.


Ironically, Kubrick has essentially disavowed Spartacus despite its many accolades, mostly due to the feud he was in with Kirk Douglas over… well… pretty much everything, up to and including who got the credit for writing the screenplay (it was Dalton Trumbo when he was being blacklisted by Hollywood for potential Communist associations or at least the appearance of such; Douglas basically put his name on the credits at the last possible minute so he could basically lift the blacklist on Trumbo).


There was also the fact that he took over from Anthony Mann rather than helmed the project from the start like he expected to.

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Perhaps Kubrick, in an alternate timeline, might have consulted with and sought as a mentor the master director Anthony Mann. About, in particular, Mann’s deft use of actors and his able delegation of photographic duties to legends of film, like John Alton.

I really don’t think that ever would have happened. Anthony Mann likely would have told Stan to cram it and do whatever the hell he wanted.

And, no, playing chess at a high level has not been found to correlate to intelligence in any way.

Kubrick was probably a stupid, vain man with a Napoleon complex, but he did manage to make legendary films.

He likely would have made more had he been more intelligent and willing to collaborate with his betters.

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Well, I’ve seen bits and pieces of Birdemic - and those are ghastly, but I went with Coleman Francis. He makes most everyone else on this list look decent.

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I was today years old when I learned this.


For the one-two punch of Troll 2 (legendarily bad) and Night Killer (somehow even worse and insane than Troll 2) Claudio Fragasso needs a seat at this table.

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