Zilch! Jones, Dolenz, Nesmith & Tork: THE MONKEES

My baby boomer mom hated the Beatles but loved Herman’s Hermits and the Monkees, so that helped inform my early Oldies favorites. I remember they would show reruns on Nick at Nite in the 80s and enjoying them.

And, of course, I always crack up at the riff about Mia Farrow looking like Mike Nesmith in Avalanche.

And it’s always fun to recall that Mike’s mother invented White Out.


I remember the show as a kid, and loved it. Micky was, and still is, my favorite, I liked his voice and sense of humor. But as I got older, I came to love and appreciate Nesmith for his songwriting chops.

I remember as a lad going to a Goodwill store near my grandmother’s house and finding their first 3 LPs for a quarter each! I felt I’d struck gold and anxiously rushed back to give them a listen.

I later bought the CDs with bonus content, and the boxset, with that informative booklet


One member’s daughter has a connection to Rifftrax.

Oh, and She’s Out of Control is just asking for riffing.


Well, if Frank Zappa was a fan of the Monkees AND MST3K, we’re all in 6 Degrees land.




Loved that show and had both Monkees records and lunchbox. Wish I still did, but they’ve vanished over the years.

That’s a common misconception.

She invented Liquid Paper.


White Out didn’t exist yet when the Monkees were popular.

That “Valleri” song slaps.

There was an episode that used scenes from Reptilicus in one of their music videos.

Also, not to be pedantic or anything (said while being TOTALLY pedantic), it’s spelled ‘Wite Out’

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I watched the show off and on in syndicated reruns in the early 80s, but did not become a big fan until the MTV airings and the 20th Anniversary tour (saw two shows on that tour).

Moving to the Connecticut in 2004 gave me frequent opportunities to see the guys perform live in solo and partial group tours, which made me very happy. Davy and Micky performed solo shows at Mohegan Sun Casino once or twice a year for a very long time. Peter was a fellow CT resident who had his Shoe Suede Blues band perform locally from time to time. That set of circumstances led to seeing some special moments like this:

I just wish that Mike didn’t need Davy’s passing to convince him to perform music again as I would have loved to have seen all four guys on stage together. I still did get to see Mike on stage 5 times, which was a treat.


found on FB. not sure when it was taken


If this attribution is correct, the photo was taken in 1996, likely at a 30th anniversary party they held in Santa Monica.


I had a 45rpm copy of “Daydream Believer,” but the b-side prize was “Goin’ Down,” which was often played at 78rpm with Super Sugar Crisp.

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Saw the Mike and Mickey show concert in NYC just a month before Nesmith passed away. I saw Nez on the First National Band Redux tour a few years prior. I have the Music Box collection of Monkees songs and Nesmith’s box set of solo albums. They are so much a part of my DNA from all those young years watching them in syndication.


The Green Bay Packers just posted this behind-the-scenes photo of player Ray Nitschke on the set of the Monkees movie, Head. Here, Ray receives instructions from some long-forgotten screenwriter, a guy named Jack Nicholson. Hmm, never heard of him. :grinning:


It may influenced by a novel Robert Heinlein published a decade earlier, The Door Into Summer.

When we were living in Colorado there was snowfall. Our cat—I’m a cat man—wanted to get out of the house so I opened a door for him but he wouldn’t leave. Just kept on crying. He’d seen snow before and I couldn’t understand it. I kept opening other doors for him and he still wouldn’t leave. Then Ginny said, “Oh, he’s looking for a door into summer.” I threw up my hands, told her not to say another word, and wrote the novel The Door into Summer in 13 days.

Goin’ Down is a pretty great track.


Absolutely correct!