31 Days of Halloween Horror Movies

My wife and I have been doing a Halloween movie marathon for years now. I know there must be other MSTies that do this as well. So, lets see what you’ve got! Post the movies that you’re watching this spooky season here and we’ll compare notes.

Tonight’s movie is Talk to Me [2022]

Teens messing around with the supernatural get more than they can handle. A nice twist on the “Don’t mess with Ouija boards” premise, good acting, decent FX. Builds tension until the end, some effective scares. The ending is a bit bleak, but I don’t mind that.


This Wednesday I’m going to the 50th Anniversary showing of “The Exorcist” in the Theater. Should be thrilling!


I can be iffy with horror these days - I dislike graphic gore, and I hate it when evil wins… so I got to a point where I’d spoil the movie by finding out how it ended before deciding to watch… HaHa!

I’m more into the old-fashioned stuff, the spooky, the eerie, the gothic… but if it’s going to bloody, let it be the bright fake reds of a Hammer film, I can handle that.

I have no October-specific movie plans, other than my usual creature features viewings. They showed Night of the Demons this past Friday, and I haven’t ever seen that flick, so I might give it a go.


I’m going to stalk this thread because I’m always on the lookout for good horror movie recommendations.


I’m generally a lurker and not a poster, but this is something we do every year. To kick off our movie month this weekend we opened with two classics, Night of the Living Dead, and Evil Dead. Both excellent, and Evil Dead especially is an all-time favorite of mine. Today we also checked out Sea Fever on Shudder. That was just okay, but overall disappointing, and not one I would recommend. I’m looking forward to seeing what other people are watching this month.


Solid picks to start the season, some of my favorites.

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Oh, wonderful! That’s my second-favorite movie of all-time, after Jaws !

Between that and Evil Dead, you picked an excellent way to kick off spooky movie month!

That being the case, we’re glad that you contributed to this thread. And I’d certainly love to hear your thoughts on other such movies during this month, as well as anything else you’d like to contribute around the place, should you decide to do so. Cheers, thank you, and all the best!


It isn’t conventionally horror, but the only movie that must be watched for Halloween in our house is Arsenic And Old Lace

There will be other horror movies watched, but those are more spur of the moment decisions. And normally not until later in the month.



Freaking love it. An absolute treasure from Capra. Got this on DVD, although at some point, I should really upgrade to the Criterion Blu-ray.

Thanks for reminding me that I have this gem to look forward to during Halloween season!



We watched a new Criterion Edition Blu-Ray of Night of the Living Dead, and it really looked great. It’s a great film.

Thanks for the welcome! I’ll definitely keep an eye on this thread and let you know what else I check out.


The Criterion set for Night of the Living Dead is flippin’ CHOICE. 55 years down the road, and the film is still alive and vibrant and speaks loudly. Those features are something else, too.

Very welcome, my pleasure - and thank you for your thoughts here. And I’ll certainly look forward to any other discoveries, observations, and musings you may have to share here - salud!

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen it. I’ll add it to our list.

Wife(←)’s Review: “– Love me a good party game!! Overall rad🛹; an original twist on classic theme. Great one to open our 11ᵗʰ annual Hallowe’en #HorrorMovieMarathon!”
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FANTASTIC dark comedy from the great Frank Capra.

Like @Vader, it’s something of a Halloween tradition around these parts. Just perfect. Everyone is so wonderful in this, and the tone is juuuuuuuuust right.

I think you’d dig it!

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Seriously, it is great. It was a tradition the wife introduced me to 20+ years ago and now I wouldn’t miss it.


Right now, I’m finishing up a rewatch of Red Dragon.

It can’t possibly hold a candle to the Michael Mann original Manhunter or The Silence of the Lambs or even Hannibal, but the cast is pretty damn good in this (with special nods to Emily Watson and Harvey Keitel and posthumous props to the great Philip Seymour Hoffman).


Our yearly Halloween tradition is Young Frankenstein.


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That’s a great tradition, that! :smiley:


My Halloween tradition is watching the original Night of the Living Dead. No Halloween is complete without such a viewing.

There’s a bunch of other stuff I like to watch during the month - Romero’s other zombie material, Disney Halloween cartoons, the OG Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, John Carpenter’s The Thing, etc - but Night of the Living Dead is an absolute must.

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Same, which means we mostly stick to older stuff. Evil wins more than enough in real life.

We load up our October with as many spooky movies as we can. Lots of Hammer Horror and classic Universal, but also Paranorman, Sleepy Hollow, Young Frankenstein, and lots of old Scooby-Doo. We have a double-feature one night of the original Dracula, followed immediately by Dracula: Dead and Loving It. Then on or as close to Halloween we can get we watch Hocus Pocus and, once it gets dark, Fright Night.

We usually run out of days before we run out of movies.