A New Free PDF Book with All MST3k & Other Cult Movies


Here at The Fiesta 13, we’ve been slavishly, well part-time slavishly, working on The Fiesta 13’s The Big List for Over a Decade Now. This Always Free PDF currently has Over 14,300+ Items Listed Chronologically.

This includes EVERY SINGLE MST3k Movie & Short as Well as All The Sons of MST3K Material Organized by The date the riffed material was first shown. That’s over 1,200 items.

Wanna have a 1954 Riffed Movie Night?

Easy Followed By Peasey.

Every Movie from Both Psychotronic Video Guides, The Film Noir Encyclopedia and 20 Other Genre Guides are on the list. As well as our own research.

Each Entry has a link to information (IMDB/Wikipedia), Trailers, Clips & even the Full As-Legal-As-Possible Movie on YouTube.

We’re making a complete genre/cult guide for the 20th Century.

Check it Out. We Also Make Period Specific Hand-Crafted Trailer Reels, so every night can be a full movie night.

Check it out:

Shots & Salutations,
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This is a just an Alpha version, as we’all are still fixing some dumb, early design errors.

Wow, that’s quite the document!

Thanks for sharing and welcome to the Forum! This is the right place for appreciation of such a list.

We’all love all kinds of movies & thought, let’s make something for the world.

Thank you.

You see, here in FirstEarth, we get your AfterEarth movies Riffed on Their first showing. We call it Voices of The Future. Manos first showed in 1964, AE time complete with jokes, but just the movie parts. Once.

It was 1992 AE time (we’re slow) until We’all figured who Joel/Mike/etc. even were!

Pro-tip, don’t make investments based solely on VoTF comments.

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