A Tribute to I Accuse My Parents

I went to rewatch the non riff-along version of the episode and it only has the first few seconds of the stinger after show, then cuts off.

You’re talking about the regular episode correct? Where are you trying to watch?

I’ve tried both the VHX site and the Gizmoplex theater on my computer and both work fine. Are you using an app? is this happening with any other episodes?

EDIT: I’ve checked the event replay version in the Gizmoplex theater, that seems to work as well.

EDIT2: Okay at the VHX site, I get the following:

sending up the @ivan signal.

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It’s this version, the I Accuse My Parents tribute with new content before and after but without new riffing over the movie. Can confirm that it behaves the same way here; as soon as Matt starts talking in the post-show it cuts off.


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I’m getting all sorts of weirdness. Now I can get it to load. it plays through the short, the Intro with Matt and everyone, and starts the episode. where does it cut out?

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At the beginning of the post-show, timestamp 2:21:27.

ETA: Looks like the last ≈28 minutes are cut off of that version.

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Ahh, okay. Well @ivan has been tagged, hopefully he can shed some light.