Anyone else get skipping?

Watching via the Gizmoplex vault and films have a periodic less than a second skip with sound and video feed.

Anyone else experiencing that?


I haven’t experienced this.

Browser and device?

I watched all six titles in the Gizmoplex Vault (using Firefox v. 99 with Windows 10 on a laptop), and I haven’t encountered any skipping.

I have encountered this Chromecasting to the tv at work from my phone a few times.

I’ve had different web browsers give me issues with audio.

I haven’t noticed anything like that, fortunately. (Chrome on PC in this case.)

Not periodically.

The first time I hit play on The Dead Talk Back it skipped the intro and invention exchange and started the movie. I’m wondering if I have a glitching memory and just don’t remember hitting play previously. It definitely saves me a bookmark (how many of those do I get?) and plays from where I left it in any video in my collection since.

I guess the test is to click play for each video in the Backer collection that I haven’t played yet and see if it happens again.

I’m using Chrome 100.0.4896.88(Official Build) (arm64)in OSX

No, and I don’t get hopping either. They seem like very silly ways to move about.

Internet browser through Amazon Fire.

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Amazon fire stick and haven’t had skipping. Nor on the android app.

The firestick or one of the tablets?

If it’s a tablet I assume this is the Fire-specific browser (Silk or whatever it’s called)? That could be the issue as the platform is designed around Chrome. Blink (the backend Silk is based on) is technically part of Chromium, I suspect it’s just different enough that it’s causing problems.

Do you have anything else you can test on?