Are there going to be new Vault Picks after February?

Will there be new Vault Picks now that the first year of the Gizmoplex is finished, and if so do we need to get a new annual pass to see them? I tried to search for them in the Gizmoplex and it said I need a pass to see them. My kickstarter pass from the first year has expired.

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Oof… I’m afraid not. And I can’t say anymore beyond this point… not after what happened 2 weeks ago.

What happened 2 weeks ago?

The Gizmoplex celebrated its 1st anniversary with a livestream, and… that’s it. We’re not getting anymore stuff or any new Vault Picks until maybe some new content gets announced this year.

Ah, yeah, I saw that. I thought maybe there was some bad news behind the scenes that I hadn’t heard about. I’m a little surprised that they didn’t have something in the pipeline to keep some new content coming out on a regular basis after the success of the last Kickstarter. I do hope they will announce a new project soon.


Probably when the next season starts hopefully they are working on getting out the physical rewards now.