Art (of) Crow!

I’m making my dad a model of his favorite bot out of Sculpey polymer clay for Christmas!

At this point, Crow’s gone all to pieces. Tomorrow, on to baking, construction, and detailing!


You are an awesome artist! Thank you for sharing!


Looks like the assets of the MST3K animated series.

There’s also a fanvid with small bots called The Mini MST-adventures of Tom and Crow.

I hope you post a picture of the final product!! :smiley:

They also seem like they’d taste like banana. Did you use banana in the construction?

After a long process of remodeling, gluing, and painting, Crow’s finally finished!! Just in time for a Patrick Swayze Christmas.


No banana, just Sculpey! (Though you’d better copyright banana-flavored Crow products before Kinga steals your idea :laughing:)