Arts & Crafts Mega-Link Sticky Thread?

I was looking at @B-Side’s jacket link and recalling some other cool plans people had put up and wondering if it wouldn’t be conveeeeenient to have a single sticky post at the top of the A&C section just for “recipes”: Costume patterns, bot builds, maybe recipes or how-to draw (e.g.) Tom Servo.

Basically just thinking it might be nice to have a “one-stop shop” to make all the “doing” stuff (as opposed to appreciating what others have done) in one very accessible location.

What do you think, sirs?


Everyone, I need help! A few years ago I made a bonehead cosplay and it came out great. The only issue was the life jacket. I was able to find a white one in the right style, but it had giant logos on it and I wasn’t sure how to get them off. I needed up lazily spray painting white over them and it worked well enough for a rush cosplay, but I ended up being kind of mad about it and threw the jacket away. Now, I’m trying to redo it and I can’t find any life jackets in the correct style at all. Anyone know where I can get one? @B-Side any thoughts?


Yes! The type of life vest I built mine off of was a Texas Rec Super Soft life vest, since that appeared to be the same base as the ones on the show (or at least close enough for cosplay purposes).


The whole reason I ended up building my costume when I did was that one came up in my size on eBay for $20-30 instead of full price - it might be worth setting up a saved search there so that when one in your size comes up, you can snag it, or shopping around online to see what retailers have them on sale.


And what did you do to get it the right color? I literally found a white one and other than that, I really don’t know what the best way to do it would be to make it come out right

A few coats of matte white spray paint, once I had cut out the portions I was cutting out. There are a few spots on the inside of my vest that aren’t completely white (and I probably need to give it another coat before I use it next, since I’ve now spotted a few external spots that could have better coverage. the joys of trying to do this when you don’t really have a yard :joy:).

Alternately, once you’ve got a decent base coat with spray paint, you can go in with a matte craft paint to get some of the hard-to-hit spots.

UPDATE: just found some in-progress photos from that part of things:
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21326030_839428636413_1890909823_n 2
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