Back to School - Best of Movie, Music and Books on that subject

Welp, the kids are back in school, lets celebrate by watching, reading, listening (or any other entertainment endeavor) about School.

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For those of us a certain age, this was the high school movie:

Followed closely by this:


A lot of good to great movies set in schools, from all around the globe (“We’ll Live till Monday”, from Russia) - Elected, Easy A, Blackboard Jungle… one of my faves from the 60s starred the great Sidney Poitier, “To Sir, With Love”

One of my favorite novels (also a mighty fine film)


And of course, music has used it as a source of material. Being on an Alice Cooper kick, there are several. The biggie is School’s Out, but they also did a nice ballad on that LP, Alma Mater. (these are about leaving school)

And comics, sure, the X-Men is set at a school.



A big hit from my youth



Half Nelson with Ryan Gosling, Shareeka Epps, and Anthony Mackie is so damn good, folks.


^That it is.

And just thought of this goodie…


Just a little run-in with the law while at Bard College.

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Chuck Berry cover. (R.I.P. Ann Rabson <3)


“Playground” by XTC
“School Teacher Blues” by Saffire (Rabson’s previous endeavor)
“Schoolyard Blues” by Garland Jeffries




Yep. Back to school/la rentrée/whatever you want to call it?

There’s a movie for that! Called Back to School!

Triple Lindy, baby!


I came here to post about Back to School, but the previous two posts beat me to it. Since some of it was filmed at my alma mater (UW-Madison), watching it is nice for a little college nostalgia.

For something unmentioned, I love Sideways Stories from Wayside School as a kid.


Better Off Dead with John Cusack is a classic in my book :clap:


Speaking of Cusack and that Bowling for Soup year.


Three anime series come to mind, two of which are romcoms.

  1. School Rumble, a comedy about a plain girl who doesn’t love the hottest guy in school, she loves the WEIRDEST guy in school. And he is handsome but she finds her attempts to win him over thwarted by his weirdness. Meanwhile, the school badass is in love with her but he’s way to shy to admit it and she’s too oblivious to notice his interest. The series then just sprawls into it’s much bigger cast and though it is primarily focused on comedy, it does have a lot of sweetness.

  2. Kaguya-Sama: Love is War - Over a decade later is a very similar series in tone. The school council president and the vice president are in love with each other… but both are insecure and naïve and cynical about love and belief confessing is taking an L. So instead, both of them try absurd and over the top mind games in order to convince the other one to confess their love.

It begins as a romantic parody of the kind of ridiculous thought process of series like Death Note before turning genuinely sweet.

  1. The last one I was thinking was Assassination Classroom. Despite the name and premise, it’s a weirdly positive and upbeat adventure comedy; a weird alien-like mutant creature promises to destroy the world in one year and makes a deal with the government to allow the world to get a fighting chance… he’s going to teach a classroom of the worst students in a weird, Darwinist high school how to kill him, using their wits and assassination techniques. And surprisingly… he’s a really good teacher. He’s kind and smart about motivating kids and is really looking out for them. The series is not without problems (I think it fails to treat a lot of it’s female characters well) and I think it robs the protagonists of some agency by the end but there’s a real sense of fun that made this one an addictive watch.

I Know Right Mean Girls GIF by filmeditor

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first 3 seasons

I could go with the movie art, but why do that when the only characters who really matter aren’t even on it?