Beautifully Illustrated Film Posters

RIP Henry Silva


The Kidnap poster looks like fanart. Very good fanart, but not a very good poster.

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Not fan art - The Italian version has text in the white space, credits under that. And it’s likely the final English language version would have had credits included.

I wanted to share the raw art to highlight Silva’s image.

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Ah, fair, that’d do it.

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Here’s some fan art.


I saw that thumbnail of Rambo and thought, “Ooh, is that Deadly Prey?”

I am Not Right.

Oh, that’s interesting. That’s the style of artwork shudder uses for their “Folk Horror” collection.


…that Deadly Prey poster looks goofy as heck.



This caught my eye

So I gave it a watch (bad print, a minor but entertaining piece, rather Hitchcockian). I like the cutouts in this poster, like proto Wes Anderson.

More details in this version

After watching it, I looked over Anna Lee’s filmography, Hmm, I’ve seen more of her movies than I knew, and I found some more pretty pictures, from pictures she was in…


A Bert I Gordon I’ve never seen

I like the sketchy, colored marker (or is that paint) unfinished look of this one… it sells the tone of the picture quite well.

This looks more modern, might be DVD art?


Rifftrax covered this one

Same art, with more details

She had a long career, from the 30s to the 80s


Just came home from a work relocation house hunting trip with this. We used the local junk depot, errr, “antique mall,” as somewhere fun to walk around on our down time. This was only $5 - the cheapest thing in the mall while being the coolest. I’d never seen this movie - researching it, it was purchased in the US for the sole purpose of burying it so as not to compete with “Cleopatra.” Can’t wait for it to hang in the new house.


Someone posted that they used the wrong Devil Doll poster at the Gizmoplex, but now I can’t find that post.

So I’ll just share the French version of the MST version of that flick here… La Poopie?

and what the hell, the French version of the last episode, The Shape of Things to Come

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Heh… John Ireland was in it for like 3 minutes and gets main billing, while Barry Morse gets none at all.


And since we’re doing MST3K posters again, here’s one to look forward to-

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The part that saddens me about the Shape of Things to Come poster is that they entirely invented the costumes in it, when I thought the ones from the actual movie were kind of neat.

I might be the only person with that opinion, though.


Not a theatrical poster, but an interesting piece on the inspiration for Criterion’s Exotica cover