Best music of 2024 so far?

A few days ago, I started listening to the debut album of the Irish band Lego Indiana Jones (released January 7th). Spotify
I think I have a new favorite album now. All the best parts of They Might Be Giants meet all the best parts of Car Seat Headrest meet all the best parts of Black Country, New Road. This makes me wonder: what are your favorite songs to come out in the New Year?

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I’m having trouble with an initialism. What does BC,NR stand for?

(Honest question. Correct answers only, please.)

ETA: TMBG is They Might Be Giants. If I’m asking for one of them, it’s possible someone else doesn’t know the other so I’ll be proactively helpful.

Black Country, New Road. They’re a really good British post-punk band.

From actually released albums, I’m going to have to say Amanda Palmer’s New Zealand Survival Songs EP.

Announced album I am currently looking forward to most is Bela Fleck’s Rhapsody In Blue coming out on Feb. 12.

I don’t even have a best music of 2023 (I bought one album but was disappointed in it).

I’m so out of the loop these days, and when I try something new, I don’t like it, so most of what I get are old artists with new albums (Like Gerland Casale and Alice Coopers 2021 releases - or, not that old but been around, like Orianthi’s Rock Candy in 2022).

So this early in the new season, nothing (I did sample a few things just to see if I could offer something of value (Letter to Self by Sprints, and Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations by The Vaccines) but, m’eh)

I’ll get back to you if I find music that lights me up.

You were disappointed in Road (I’m guessing that was your one album)?

I enjoyed it. It likely won’t be remembered as one of Coop’s best, but I didn’t find it disappointing like I felt Nightmare 2 was.

Ha, yeah, Nightmare 2 is one of my top 10, Road is one of the bottom 4. I gave it chance after chance, but aside from 2 songs, found it a waste of time.

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