I saw this at a comic convention after party; a VHS player was hooked up to a large HDTV and this magnificent train wreck was loosed upon us.

Booms in the shot? Yes.

A black police detective who wore a Canadian tuxedo, did sleight of hand magic, and also an Eddie Murphy impression? Yes.

A martial arts kick that was clearly a boot on a broom handle? Yes.

Was Frank Gorshin the police captain? ALSO YES.

Behold the trailer:

And know that the whole movie can be found on youtube as well.

I had a blast watching it under the circumstances I did; it was like an MST party with 50 people.

A fun time, and if I were gonna pick one for the show… man, this’d be it.


@erikburnham I will definitely watch this tomorrow at work. Haha!!

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