Bud Spencer, underrated genius cult film actor

If you’re European and around 30-40-ish years old, you probably know what I’m talking about. Bud Spencer is a brilliant Italian cult movie star, and he really doesn’t get the kind of cult attention he deserves in America. This is a thread dedicated to one of the greatest cheesy actors of all time. Please follow along if you aren’t familiar, you may discover a new favorite movie.

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I haven’t seen a lot from him, maybe 10 movies? I’m into westerns, so that’s where I’m most familiar with him, especially the ones where he was paired with Terence Hill.

I keep seeing those pop up in my Amazon recommendations for some reason. I’ve never seen them or heard anyone talk about them in the ~20 years I’ve lived in Britain, so I’m not sure how big a thing they were here. I may have to watch one someday to see why they keep getting recommended to me.

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Personally, I’m a bigger fan of the movies Bud and Terence made after the western period of the early 70’s